Invoice AP automation

Managing supplier invoices electronically is a given for most companies. The process comprises sub-tasks that can, for the most part, be automated — eliminating time-consuming and error-prone manual work.



Invoice validation

ERP integration

Preliminary booking

Order matching



Posting support

Final booking


Analysis and reporting


E-invoicing is a subprocess within a comprehensive EFH solution that encodes invoices in a standardized format — as opposed to an image, PDF, or paper invoice. Owing to the wide range of e-invoicing solutions available, it’s highly likely that your customers and suppliers will use different e-invoicing solutions to the one you have chosen. We advise our customers to choose a solution that supports as many suppliers and invoice formats as possible.

E-invoice or PDF-invoice?

Why choose? You will need to support both formats in the same system as effectively as possible. Most e-invoicing agents lack adequate functionality to manage PDF invoices, despite the fact that PDF remains the dominant way to send invoices. We are experts in both e- and PDF-invoices and can help you automate your management processes irrespective of format. Our goal is to ensure that your digital transformation to e-invoicing is as smooth as possible. To make this feasible, the invoice portal is included in all our invoice solutions. Get in touch with us to find out more about the invoice portal  

AR purchase order automation

While lots of orders might be good for business, manually registering them all in your systems is extremely time consuming. with automated order capture, you not only save time, you can cut delivery time on your products and services, strengthening your customer satisfaction. 

Is it time to automate order management? Get in touch with us.

Document automation

The processes that drive most organizations are often complex. Managing invoices, orders, approvals, contracts, requests for information, communication, leads, HR, on-boarding, and so much more require collaboration, access to documents, and understanding of the regulatory structure. Smart automation solutions make it possible to systematize vital business processes in a flexible and configurable way, leading to improved quality and compliance.

Data capture

Automated data capture is invaluable for reducing the levels of manual input work within an organization, raising quality, and speeding up document-based processes.

Digital solutions for data capture leverage advanced extraction techniques such as optical character recognition (OCR), barcode scanning, image management, and regulated document classification. Together with intelligent data capture, modern solutions can identify and extract specific data fields from any kind of input that can be forwarded for additional treatment in other systems.

Data capture is one of Fältmans specialized areas of expertise and our consultants possess unparalleled experience. We would love to discuss the areas within your organization that would benefit from automated data capture.