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Fältmans are experts in market-leading solutions from Tungsten Automation, formerly Kofax & ReadSoft

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AP Essentials (APS)

AP Essentials (formerly ReadSoft Online) is the world’s most used cloud-based solution for invoice management and invoice capture. AP Essentials supports all invoice formats — including e-invoices, PDF, and paper — and includes an invoice portal for receipt of e-invoices.


ReadSoft INVOICES  offers the same functionality as AP Essentials but as an on-premise solution installed locally on one of your servers. Even if cloud services are a popular means of solving hardware management by essentially outsourcing it, thousands of organizations remain on-prem, for a range of security and compliance reasons. ReadSoft INVOICES is by far the most proven solution on the market.

For many years progress in the field of electronic invoice management has mirrored the development of ReadSoft INVOICES, and used by thousands of organizations the world over. The invoice portal for receipt of e-invoices is included in our offering of ReadSoft INVOICES.

Invoice Portal™

Invoice Portal is a complete e-invoicing exchange that enables you to send e-invoices to your customers and receive them from suppliers. The portal has interconnection with most other exchanges in Scandinavia as well as built-in roaming and certified connections to public networks like PEPPOL, which covers most of Europe. The searchable database within the portal stores the original invoice, so that you don’t need to print your invoices for filing and compliance.

Invoice Portal is included in our offerings for AP Essentials and  ReadSoft INVOICES.

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TotalAgility is an open process platform delivered as an on-prem or cloud-based service. TotalAgility offers a range of functions for process automation and smart information management. With a browser-based interface, TotalAgility is easy to distribute to users in your organization.

How TotalAgility can automate your business:

Document management

Offering advanced functionality for data collection, classification, and extraction from multiple document types including invoices, contracts, job applications, and forms. Enables you to automate document management and reduce manual workload.

Task management and process automation

Offering a flexible and configurable workflow platform that facilitates automation of business processes. By defining and automating processes, organizations can raise productivity, reduce errors, and ensure regulatory compliance.

Intelligent data capture

Supporting information import from any system, data source, and format  users can create intelligent forms to collect and analyze data in a structured manner from external partners, customers, and employees.

Analysis and reporting

Built-in analysis and reporting tools enable users to measure performance, identify bottlenecks and areas for process improvement, and make data-driven decisions for optimizing operations.

Integration possibilities

Integrating with existing systems and applications within your organization — such as document management platforms, ERP, RPA, and CRM — enables seamless information exchange and collaboration across multiple systems.

TotalAgility is a versatile software solution capable of automating document management, optimizing workflows and processes, and facilitating intelligent information management. By leveraging AI to automate and optimize business processes such as data extraction, document classification, process automation, and smart compliance TotalAgility helps raise productivity and lower the need for manual error-prone tasks. 


Capture, formerly Kofax Capture (KC) Kofax Transformation (KT) and Kofax Transformation Modules (KTM), is a world-leading data capture solution. It is designed to automate the collection, processing, and organization of different types of data and documents. It can, for example, collect scanned paper documents, electronic documents, and other input forms. Capture offers functions such as optical character recognition (OCR), barcode reading, image management, and regulatory classification of documents.

Capture is ideal for organizations looking to raise productivity and lower manual input tasks.

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