The sharpest team of ReadSoft and Kofax consultants

Trusted by over 500 companies and organizations

The sharpest team of ReadSoft and Kofax consultants

Trusted by over 500 companies and organizations

Don’t miss us at Vitalis 2024

Vitalis is the largest eHealth conference in Sweden and this year, we will be attending together with Tungsten (formerly Kofax).

Don’t miss the opportunity to come and talk to us about AI-driven digital transformation in the healthcare sector.

For sign-up details and discounts, check out our Events page.


Unique competence

Everyone working at Fältmans is a former employee of ReadSoft or Kofax (now Tungsten). Our combined experience of both solution providers is unique and unparalleled in the market. If you are a ReadSoft or Kofax (Tungsten) customer, you know that specialist insight is often what’s needed to solve problems and develop local adaptations.

We created Fältmans to overcome these challenges, so that you can focus on your business.

Many years of experience

On average, our experts have 20 years of experience working with ReadSoft and Kofax solutions. Some of us have even been part of their development. If you have an issue with your implementation, chances are, we’ve seen it before, and found a solution. With consulting from Fältmans, you get access to market-leading experience and deep knowledge of best practices, helping you to avoid common mistakes and get more value from your solution.

Rapid response

We know that time is money. Every minute your solution is unavailable means stops in your processes, which creates resource-heavy backlogs. We provide rapid and effective responses to your issues. We are a solution-oriented team with customers at the center.


Have a question? Don’t wait! We are ready to help you untangle the jargon of complex technical solutions. We work together with you to find the best solutions for your organization. We find that we learn and develop together with our customers, and have fun while we’re working.

Our offering

We have a complete offering for ReadSoft and Kofax, which includes everything from on-prem or cloud-based licensing to delivery, training, and support

  • Invoice AP automation.
  • E-invoicing (included free of charge in our ReadSoft and Kofax solutions).
  • AR purchase order automation.
  • Document automation.
  • Data capture.

Our customers

We provide services to small, medium, and large companies and organizations in just about every industry. Our assignments vary from just a few hours of support to complete projects in large organizations spanning multiple territories. No task is too small or too big, too simple or complex.

Contact us to find out how we can help you.