General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Data protection policy

This data protection policy describes what information we collect and why. For Fältmans Agency, which is a registered subsidiary of Svensk Inköpsservice AB with registration number: 556199-9037, hereinafter referred to as “Fältmans”, it is important that you as a private person and potential or current customer have your personal data processed in a safe and correct manner. Therefore, we advise you to read this data protection policy so that you are aware of how we process your information and why. If you disagree with anything that appears in this policy or have other questions, you can contact Fältman’s GDPR responsible.

The information we collect

Once the initial contact has been established between Fältmans a customer, we save your name (as customer contact), your email address, your phone number and the company name to which the case applies.

If you apply for a job at Fältmans, we will save the information you provide to us for 3 years regardless of whether the application leads to recruitment or not. We do this to consider you for positions that may arise for which you may be suitable.

If you contact Fältmans for any other reasons than mentioned above, we will not collect any personal data about you, apart from what you send to us. We save this information to manage daily communication with our customers or contacts, as well as to carry out customer surveys.

If you are a potential customer, have another type of contact with Fältmans, or hire consultants from Fältmans, the individual consultants may store personal data about your organization or employees. All Fältmans employees have access to our IT and information security policy and receive training in the regulations, including guidelines on what information can be saved and how it should be stored.  Fältmans will, to the extent possible, follow up with our employees regarding these guidelines and how to save only the data that is essential to the assignment, to ensure you feel secure about processing of your information.

Duration of information storage

Fältmans saves data about customers for the duration of the customer agreement and up to one year after said agreement has been terminated. After one year, Fältmans removes the data but saves the name of the customer contact and company name for future assignments.

All employees have received routine descriptions regarding data cleanup, which state that after the end of a customer agreement or completion of an assignment, they must clear emails and other documentation.

Information related to job applications is saved for 3 years. Other emails and information are cleared as they no longer fulfill any purpose.

If you object to Fältmans saving the name of a customer contact or company name, you can contact us at

We do not share information

Fältmans only uses data about external parties for internal use. However, with consent (verbal or written), the company name of our customers may be published on our website ( — this does not include information such as customer contact data.

If you feel that the information about you or your company is misrepresented, or if you want to know more about the information that Fältmans handles about you, please contact Fältmans GDPR responsible at

Fältmans role i GDPR

Fältmans aims to protect the integrity of individuals and strives to work with customers and suppliers who live up to the GDPR requirements placed on companies. Depending on the type of consulting service we provide, the responsibility for the processing of personal data can be distributed among the contracting parties.

This text has been produced to clarify how Fältmans perceives the distribution of responsibility for the processing of personal data according to current data protection legislation. Any questions can be directed to your contact person within Fältmans via

Handling of personal data based on contract of consultants

Fältmans may provide consultants to a customer/partner that may be employed by Fältmans or by a contracted sub-consultant. According to the agreement, the consultant will work under the direction and responsibility of the customer/partner. In connection with such consulting services, the consultant may be subject to a non-disclosure agreement between the client and the consultant that prevents personal data from being shared with Fältmans and any sub-consultant.

In cases where consultants process personal data under the customer’s direct responsibility and management during the provision of consulting services —  using the work tools that the customer is responsible for such as the customer’s system — the customer is the personal data controller. Fältmans or sub-consultants are not personal data assistants for such processing.

Fältmans must ensure that the consultant has provided their consent to disclose personal data about the consultant to the customer by Fältmans to the extent that it is necessary due to contracted consulting services. Under such circumstances, the customer is responsible for handling personal data for the data they receive and process. However, Fältmans is responsible for disclosure of the personal data to the customer.

Processing of personal data for special assignments

When Fältmans provides consulting services within the framework of special assignments (assignment agreements), such as assignments regarding design and technology solutions or support and maintenance services, Fältmans may, where applicable, process personal data on behalf of the customer. Even when the consultant works under Fältman’s management and responsibility, because the customer ultimately decides on the processing of the personal data they transfer to Fältmans due to agreed assignments.

In such scenarios, the customer is the personal data controller for personal data processing, and Fältmans is the personal data assistant to the customer. Fältmans is responsible as a personal data assistant for the work any hired sub-consultant undertakes in connection with the execution of assignments on behalf of the customer. According to Fältmans, the work of such a sub-consultant does not actualize a subcontractor relationship, because sub-consultants work under Fältman’s direction and responsibility when carrying out the assignments.

For the latest information on how Fältmans processes personal data, please visit us at www. Any questions can be directed to the contact person within Fältmans who can be reached via


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For more information

If you believe that the information about you or your organization is incorrect or you would like to know more about the information that Fältmans holds about you, please contact our GDPR responsible at:


If you believe that Fältmans manages your information in a way that is GDPR-incompliant, you have should notify the Swedish Authority for Privacy Protection (Integritetsskyddsmyndigheten — IMY).

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